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Radiographic Evaluation of the Impinging Hip

Radiographic Evaluation of the Hip You can get a lot of information from the plain radiographs fractures djd (degenerative joint disease) sclerosis congruency scanogram (limb length and alignment) loose bodies osteochondroma osteoid osteoma bony prominence @ head neck junction (Cam impingement) coxa profunda protrusion  crossover sign posterior wall sign acetabular dysplasia AP Pelvis coccyx should centered 1-3 cm over pubic symphysis…

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Iliopsoas Tendonitis & Snapping Hip

Tendinitis probably because something is rubbing on it or tendon is overloaded because of undercoverage/dysplasia and it is stabilizing the head or maybe there is bone spur or calcified labrum rubbing it Internal Snapping Hip Syndrome probably most common cause/indication  this has to be painful to indicate surgery Associated with FAI probably secondary to spur from flexion (>90) to exntesion…

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Proximal Hamstring Repair – Surgical Tips

Tips from Dr. Busconi Nonoperative reserved for 1-2 tendon tears…look at handouts Gluteal crease incisions remember that it is more lateral than you think vertical incisions only for chronic repairs locate the sciatic and posterior lateral cutaneous n. before doing your repair final repair in 30-40 degrees of flexion, make sure knee gets out to 10 degrees of flexion hinged…

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