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Ankle Spanning External Fixation (Delta Frame)

Ankle-spanning external fixation, aka "Delta Frame" The ankle-spanning external fixator is a versatile external fixation construct that is useful for fractures of the tibial plafond (pilon), unstable ankle fractures, and talus fractures. It can be adapted for other injuries including midfoot fractures. CPT Code 20692 - Application of multiplanar external fixator. Tibial Schanz Pins Mark out the tibial tubercle. The most…

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External Fixator Component Cost List

This information is from research entitled "Damage Control Orthopaedics: Variability of Construct Design for External Fixation of the Lower Extremity and Implications on Cost." Logan et al. Partially Threaded Schanz Pin - $253   Large Ex-fix Pin Clamp (6-Position) - $673   Large Ex-fix Pin Combination Clamp - $946   Large Ex-fix Carbon Fiber Bars (300mm) - $348 References: Logan et al. 2015

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