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Tibial Shaft Fractures | Lower Extremity Trauma

  Usually classified by location (proximal, middle, distal) AO/OTA Classification of Shaft Fractures (see Figure) proximal, middle, or distal Types A, B, and C Oestern & Tscherne Classification of Soft Tissue Injury (Closed) C-0: little or no soft tissue injury C-I: superficial abrasion C-II: deep, contaminated abrasion with local contusion damage to skin or muscle C-III: extensive skin contusion or crushing…

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Tibial Plateau Fractures | Lower Extremity Trauma

Tibial Plateau Fractures Schatzker Classification I - Lateral plateau split young people with good bone lateral meniscus tear trapped in fracture II- Lateral plateau split-depression valgus blow with axial loading age > 40 III - Lateral plateau depression (tend to be stable) IV - Medial plateau fracture (15% of plateau fractures) less common associated with LCL injury pattern most commonly…

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Patella & Knee | Lower Extremity Trauma

Patella the patella is a pulley, redirecting forces to the tibia your first choice should never be a total patellectomy, as this results in a 33% extension strength loss Classification based on pattern non displaced transverse - can be unstable, especially if gapped proximal pole distal pole stellate vertical - not very unstable Conservative Treatment displaced <2mm at the articular…

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