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Crossover Sign

Crossover Sign of the Hip/Acetabulum The crossover sign is a radiographic finding that is often associated or discussed in the setting of hip impingement, namely femoracetabular impingement (FAI). The crossover sign is indicative of acetabular retroversion, which causes pincer-type FAI. The crossover sign is associated with focal cranial retroversion, and on AP pelvic radiographs is characterized by the anterior rim of the…

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Radiographic Evaluation of the Impinging Hip

Radiographic Evaluation of the Hip You can get a lot of information from the plain radiographs fractures djd (degenerative joint disease) sclerosis congruency scanogram (limb length and alignment) loose bodies osteochondroma osteoid osteoma bony prominence @ head neck junction (Cam impingement) coxa profunda protrusion  crossover sign posterior wall sign acetabular dysplasia AP Pelvis coccyx should centered 1-3 cm over pubic symphysis…

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